I never thought I would write a blog. The thought of publishing my unedited writing for everyone to see seemed crazy and almost arrogant to me. (though I realize that I’m only going to get 6 views a week and 4 will be from my mom) But here’s why I changed my mind and started one.

Last summer, my brother wrote me a letter in which he quoted some old guy who said “we can only be loved as well as we are known.”   I think that all of us desperately want to be known and loved and those two things are closely related. I hope that this blog will help you know me better.

At the bottom of every composition he ever wrote, Bach put 3 words. Soli Deo Gloria. This Latin phrase means “Glory to God alone.” This blog, and further, my life is about bringing glory to God. No I’m not going to write about end-times or predestination every week. There will be times I will post a funny youtube video and a movie quote and call it good. God loves laughter, we were made in his image, remember? But bottom line, this blog is for Him. It’s not about me trying to sound smart or witty. God has given me the ability to write and I want to use that gift to glorify him. Just like Bach did with his compositions, or to bring in a modern day example, just like Tim Tebow does as he runs over linebackers. Perhaps those are bad comparisons because Bach was and Tebow is way more talented at their respective gifts than I am with writing, but I don’t think God cares about that. We live in a results-oriented world, but I don’t think God operates like that. I think God is motive-oriented. By that I mean He’d rather have you throw for 120 and 3 INTs and do it for Him than throw for 350 and 5TDs and do it for that contract extension.

Soli Deo Gloria


P.S. Shout-out to my fellow blogger and cousin Caroline who processes with me on a nightly basis She’s the writer I wish I was.