Seven Steps to Getting More out of the Bible

I sometimes struggle with apathy towards my time in the Bible. I read it, So often, it’s just a daily hoop to jump through. It’s a task to check off. It’s another chore on the list.

But it’s not. It’s not a hoop or a chore or a task. It’s the Word of God. If it reads dry or dull, we’re not reading it right. Around this time last year, I heard Joe White, director of Kanakuk Kamps, speak at a conference in College Station. He listed some helpful ways to keep our time in God’s Word from becoming just another chore.

  1. Read it like a love letter– pore over it like it’s scribbled with pink highlighter and the i’s are dotted with hearts, read the redemption written between the lines
  2. Read it like the first time– recapture that moment when God’s grace revealed through His Words first clicked
  3. Read it like a baby goes after the bottle– come to the Word with desperation and dependence, needing proclamations and promises and truth
  4. Read it prayerfully– pray “God, open my eyes, I want more of you”
  5. Read it imaginatively– smell that musty prison cell that Paul wrote from, watch the Holy Spirit come down at Pentecost, put yourself in the story
  6. Read it purposefully– read it with the intent to act on it, to be changed by it, to let it shape and mold you
  7. Read it possessively– take ownership of what God wrote to you, hide it in your heart and meditate on it day and night
Havasu Falls, Arizona

Mooney Falls in Arizona during Spring Break 2013.


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