I’m going to Uganda. The word excited doesn’t really do my current emotional state justice. Anyways, the blogs won’t be flowing while I’m over there but I’ll definitely be doing some writing that I want to share when I get back. I’ve been really interested in the concept of dreams and aspirations lately and I’m planning to write a lot about that while I’m over there. We know all about the American dream, but what is the Ugandan dream? What about the Dubai Dream? (We have a 20 hour layover there) And what really is the American dream? It looks like it’s different for different people. Maybe we can’t just put a blanket statement on an entire culture. Or maybe we can. I’ll try to find out. I think we can put one blanket statement over the entire human race though. We’re messed up and we know it. We look around the world and see it. There’s pockets where there’s more or less evil, but it’s everywhere. It’s expressed in pride. The idea that “I’m better than you and will act in my own self-interest no matter what the effect is on you or anyone else.” We all have a little of that. Some of us have a lot of that. Pride is basically sin, and I think it’s the root of most of the problems in this world. We have a sin issue. In writing about dreams and aspirations, I’ll trying to uncover that issue. We all have this pride but how does it express itself in different cultures? How do we put our goals ahead of others? What are these goals or idols? We’ll see.